Chicago Tribune publishes article on latest news in release of Fr. Artemas from Milwaukee

The Chicago Tribune published an article on the latest news coming out of Milwaukee, that can be read HERE.

Sadly, we have been made aware of a recent smear campaign, to scandalize Fr. Artemas’ release from this Metropolis. The smear campaign went so far, as to somehow obtain personal email addresses, sending a link of a mock news site to people. This site claims Fr. Artemas had been deceptive in wanting a transfer all along, and supporters of this petition initiative have been “duped”.

Should anyone care to consider their sources, this “Greek News” website was created on March 30th of 2015, according to a domain lookup query at It’s oldest article dates April 3rd, 2015. It is important when trying to understand the truth, to carefully consider the source…the Chicago Tribune? or a mocked-up “Greek News” website that was created less than two months ago, when things began to heat up again for Bishop Demetrios…

It is no secret to those close to the situation, that the Annunciation Church could no longer afford housing allowance for Fr. Artemas, given the dire financial situation, that was unknown to Fr. Artemas upon being transferred to Milwaukee, as quoted in the Chicago Tribune article.

The emails on this site show that he wanted to remain in Chicago. Yes, nothing we don’t know, thank you. NONE of the emails on this site show that Fr. Artemas requested to be transferred OUT OF THIS Metropolis.

Having his promised apartment in Milwaukee taken away; being now required to commute every day from Chicago to Milwaukee; the parish unable to meet payroll; and having been repeatedly told that he would never be assigned to a parish in this Metropolis, ARE WE SURPRISED that he finally agreed to respond to other Metropolitans who were asking for him?

Protocol requires that a priest can not leave his Metropolis to respond to inquiries without asking permission IN WRITING and without the written permission of The Metropolis. So he did what was required, but even in doing so, he repeated his desire to remain in Chicago. It is BEYOND disappointing to witness this new low, in trying to make Fr. Angelo to be a “liar”. This is a hit job that has no legs.