NO RETRACTION DEMANDED by the Patriarch or the Archdiocese of the recent article published by TNH

NO RETRACTION HAS BEEN DEMANDED by the Office of the Patriarch, or the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, regarding a recent report from the National Herald that the resignation of Metropolitan Iakovos, and the removal of Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos have been requested.

Theodore Kalmoukos, author of the May 13th, 2015 article published in the Greek edition of the National Herald, stands by his story titled “Patriarch Calls for Archbishop Demetrios to Intervene in Chicago and Denver”.  You can read the English translation of this story HERE.

Many have wondered when the story will run in the English edition, however we received word from Mr. Kalmoukos that time had not allowed for his translation to reach print, due to his coverage of other important topics, namely The National Herald’s 100th Anniversary.

Since this article was published, NO STATEMENT HAS BEEN ISSUED denying the information in the article from the Office of the Ecumenical Patriarch, or the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

We then ask:

Why are Metropolitan Iakovos and Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos still leading the Metropolis of Chicago, given the plausible, and undenied report of Mr. Kalmoukos?

Why hasn’t the Archbishop acted on the request of the Patriarch?

Why is the Petition signed by more than 750  faithful being ignored?

How many parishes will see their properties in Foreclosure Courts before Church leaders: hierarchs, as well as their obsequious lay enablers, take action – if reports that the Archdiocese has lost 38% of its members over the past five years are true?

When will the leadership of the Archdiocese sound the alarm and take action?

Why isn’t the Archdiocesan Council meeting in Emergency Session to address the crisis in the Church?

When will the billionaires (Faith: An Endowment for Orthodoxy and Hellenism) and millionaires (Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund)  who are propping up the Archdiocese demand accountability and transparency from the administration of the Church in America?

Each day that passes without action inflicts more damage on the Church!

We implore you to act now!

We ask that everyone who has signed the Petition on this website (and those who have not signed, but agree that the Archdiocese is in crisis and needs to act), to please send an email to the following emails listed below for the ARCHBISHOP, FAITH, and LEADERSHIP 100 asking them to address the crisis and take action to save the Church.,,

In Christ,