National Herald Calls Greek Orthodox Church Discipline “My Big Fat Greek Unholy Joke”

The National Herald is one of the most popular and highly regarded newspapers, both here and across seas, for news that affects the Greek community.

This newspaper has continued to chronicle the failed leadership in the Greek Church, month after month, over the past few years, as scandal after scandal is mishandled with no accountability.  Accountability only happens when the situation has gone so far off the rails, as in the Fr. Passias affair, that the entire world is taken aback by how bad the situation is.

This week, TNH weighs in on the Dokos/Metropolis of Chicago scandal labeling the response by Church leaders as “My Big Fat Greek Unholy Joke”.  This is essentially what it has become for all who have commented on social media and websites in response to continued media coverage in the Chicago Tribune and other outlets.  You can read the article by TNH HERE.

One concerned TNH reader also submits a letter to the editor in this issue that can be read HERE.

This reader says “We will continue to have this kind of clerical administration and we deserve it, until and unless we Orthodox insist on proper administration – honest and transparent.”

He is right!

Where is the voice of more laity?  Why haven’t prominent lay leaders – those on the Archdiocean Council, Leadership 100, Faith Endowment, Archons etc., insisted on accountability and transparency from ordained leaders of the Church?

The reader also wisely asks, “Would Jesus run his faith this way?”

This is a profound question to ponder, especially those among the laity who come out shaming those brave enough to sign this petition, or publish the truth about the poor leadership in the church, or make a statement in the media.

It is also a question Parish Councils in the Metropolis of Chicago should ask themselves.  Some of these councils have imposed a gag order on themselves to control information, sweep it under the rug, and cut their losses of faithful members who have walked away.  For those who claim they don’t want to “rehash the past”, and just want to “move forward”.  Move forward to what?  More of the same?  What will be different this time, with the same corrupt leadership at the helm?

Do these lay leaders not realize that they, too, will be held accountable for their role in losing faithful members when choosing blind obedience to false leaders over obedience to Jesus Christ’s example?

And we should also ask ourselves:  As Orthodox Christians, are we more concerned about the church title we hold, or what others may think of us, over striving to be Christ-like in renouncing unfit spiritual leadership?

And, until Greek Orthodox Church leaders hold accountable those who commit AND harbour criminal activity, their spiritual commitment to the faith will continue to be “My Big Fat Greek Unholy Joke”.