Metropolis of Chicago Refuses to Ratify Milwaukee Parish Council

And so it continues….

As so many Greek Orthodox parishes in the Metropolis of Chicago are struggling financially, the Annunciation parish in Milwaukee fears defaulting on their mortgage as every month goes by.  This parish can’t even think about the “Archdiocese Assessment” collected by the Metropolis of Chicago, until they can meet their basic needs as a parish each month.

As if the Dokos scandal, losing Fr. Artemas (and many good people of the parish), and the pending financial doom isn’t enough, Milwaukee parishioners received another harsh blow from the Metropolis of Chicago with the following parish announcement sent via the “Listserv”:

“UPDATE NOTE: Because our Parish Council elections have not been ratified by the Metropolis (for lack of payment for last year’s Archdiocese assessment), there will not be the swearing in PC members this Sunday Jan. 10 in Church as originally scheduled.”

GOCCL Commentary:

The editors here at are experiencing quite a bit of deja vu, as this same scenario took place in January of 2014, when the Metropolis of Chicago refused to ratify the 2014 council at Annunciation parish, even months after they were caught up with their Archdiocese “tax”.

A few interesting things to note, when considering the aforementioned actions of the Metropolis of Chicago:

  • Fr. James Dokos who served at this parish, is awaiting trial at the end of this February for alleged Class G Felony Theft discovered by the Parish Council of the Annunciation Church in Milwaukee.
  • The Parish Council has, and continues to receive immense pressure from the Metropolis of Chicago, as well as their new parish priest, to exonerate Fr. Dokos of any wrongdoing related to the charges filed by the District Attorney of Wisconsin.

We at GOCCL do not believe it is a mere coincidence that the Metropolis of Chicago continues to take punitive and vindictive measures towards this parish and its Parish Council.  In fact, it is an expected reality here in our Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago.

THIS is what follows from our leadership after the great Feast of Theophany, the Feast of Lights, when we celebrate the manifestation of God through our Lord Jesus Christ.