Presiding Priest in Milwaukee (and Sychophant to Bishop Demetrios) Excommunicates Parish Council Member for “Disobedience”

We at GOCCL.ORG are heartbroken to have learned that Fr. John Ketchum (who replaced Fr. Angelo Artemas at Annunciation Church in Milwaukee) has taken punitive action against a council member of the parish, citing “disobedience to the authority of the parish priest”.   This parish member has been banned from the chalice for one month as penance, as stated by Fr. Ketchum.

The high level of dedication and service of this council member is well known to the parish, and fellow council members were astonished and utterly demoralized that such action was taken by Fr. Ketchum.

So fed up with the bullying and intimidation by the Metropolis of Chicago and their enabling sycophants, the majority of fellow council members responded with a letter of resignation shared with the parish community.  We encourage you to read the letter we have provided in the link, that chronicles the deep level of “disrespect” they have endured that has “crippled” any chance of a Christ-like focus within the parish.  They end the letter stating “In order to heal and restore our beloved church we recommend new leadership in the form of a new pastor as well as Bishop”.

Fr. John Ketchum leads the Metropolis of Chicago Clergy Syndesmos, and has shown unwavering support in the media for Bishop Demetrios, despite clear immoral actions and behavior.  Fr. Ketchum served as the clean up pawn once Fr. Artemas was shipped out, to ensure the parish accepts the plea deal from Fr. Dokos and enforced endless parish wide guilt trips to “forgive” (even though no apology was offered).

The parish council member in Milwaukee who was excommunicated, showed courage and conviction to sign our petition.  Active parish members across the Metropolis are very familiar with the intimidation and bullying they experienced from the Metropolis of Chicago after signing our petition.  Phone calls were placed by the Metropolis to some of these people.  An outspoken attorney at the Glenview parish was asked to step down from a volunteer position for speaking to the media about the parish decline from the Dokos fiasco.  He and many others in Milwaukee and Chicago, were mailed anonymous slander mail through the post office.

There are no words to express how undeniably broken and dysfunctional the Greek Orthodox Church leadership has become, to allow such bullying and intimidation.  As this news spreads in the community, we hope and pray more people stop ignoring the atrocities, have the courage and conviction to sign this petition to remove grossly dysfunctional leaders, and speak your mind to those with the power and influence to enact change:

Copy the email line listed below for the ARCHBISHOP, FAITH, LEADERSHIP 100 and the ECUMENICAL PATRIARCH – send your plea that they will address the crisis and take action to save the Church:

archdiocese@goarch.org, info@faithendowment.org, leadership@L100.org, ecumenical.patriarchate@gmail.com