Laity Demand that Secret Letter From the Metropolis of Chicago be Unsealed

On the Orthodox Christian Laity website (which advocates transparency and accountability in the Orthodox Church), a member of the laity demands that the secret letter submitted by the Metropolis of Chicago during Dokos’ court proceedings be unsealed.

You can view the actual court document of the motion to file this letter under seal, HERE.

In this document, it states “Father Dokos has obtained a letter from Metropolitan Iakovos, the Hierarch of the Chicago Metropolis of the Greek Orthodox Church.  According to canon law, the Metropolitan is the final arbiter of disputes between a parish priest and a parish council concerning Church property.”

Yet here is a link to the letters from attorneys at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America stating quite the contrary.  You will see on Page 4 of this document, that Asst. District Attorney David Feiss writes that he has requested “written confirmation that the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America has reviewed the filings made by Father Dokos” and rejects his contention that the dispute resolution provisions of the Greek Orthodox Church preclude litigation of this matter in criminal court.”

The link includes this written confirmation sent by officials and attorneys at the Archdiocese (Jerry Dimitriou, Emanuel Demos of blessed memory, and Catherine Walsh).

Deception and cover up.