Glenview Parish Stewardship Continues to Decline Since Removal of Fr. Dokos Over One Year Ago

At the most recent Parish Assembly meeting at the Saints Peter and Paul Church parish in Glenview, IL, the following graph of parish stewardship was distributed.

Glenview Stewardship Timeline


To aid the viewer, we have added notation in green to show the timing of when Fr. Artemas was replaced by Fr. Dokos upon request from the Metropolis. We have also noted when Fr. Dokos was finally suspended from the parish in 2014.

As the chart shows, stewardship has not only failed to increase to pre-Dokos levels, but has actually continued to decline, despite his suspension.

One can speculate endlessly as to why stewardship continues to decline. What is clear to us at GOCCL, is that the irrefutable steep decline since Fr. Artemas’ transfer is a direct result of the poor leadership of the Metropolis of Chicago, that remains in place to this day.

We believe that until something changes in the leadership at the Metropolis of Chicago, the sad reality is…. this parish may never see stewardship levels achieved before Dokos’ assignment at this parish.

Let it be known:

Critics of GOCCL have claimed our commitment to inform the public of the serious ills within the church will further drive away the faithful and cause further scandal.

GOCCL is committed to shedding light on the TRUTH. Sometimes, we may also decide to supplement the facts with our commentary and opinion as well. But what we have first and foremost provided, is information that has been reported in the media, court records from the District Attorney of Wisconsin, or information that can be substantiated via hyperlink to the actual document providing the information.

Jesus Christ is the Truth and the Light. Where there is Truth and Light, there is Christ. Where there is Christ, there is HOPE.

When the Truth is hidden, there is darkness and death. Hiding the truth is not the answer. We are dying as a church. The graph in this post shows a story being played out in many, many Greek Orthodox Churches across our nation.

Church leaders have made it painfully obvious that they are unwilling to acknowledge the serious problems plaguing the church, much less address them. Regardless of the leadership’s failure to act, it is unacceptable to be content “lighting our candle” on Sundays and “let God judge them” when the time comes, although this is the easier choice.

Yes, we have full faith in God’s judgement when the time comes. But that does not absolve us today of our responsibility as Christians to grow the church.   And we cannot grow the church, when we hide the truth. The truth will eventually come to light, resulting in distrust and lack of faith in our church leaders.

Irregardless of whether it is acknowledged or not by the hierarchy, GOCCL will continue to report on ills in the church, as they are revealed through reputable media and other reliable sources.

In short, we are not going away anytime soon.



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