Fr. Dokos Still Serving Divine Liturgy in Chicago Parishes Despite “Suspension” by Metropolis

We have confirmation from various witnesses that despite Bishop Demetrios’ statement to the Chicago Tribune that Fr. Dokos has been suspended from parish priest duties without pay, he has been serving Divine Liturgy in various parishes in the Chicago Metropolis since being charged by the District Attorney for criminal theft. In fact, he served Divine Liturgy at Ascension Greek Orthodox Church in Lincolnshire, IL on Sunday, August 30th, 2015. Fr. Dokos is awaiting trial in October.

The Orthodox Reformer website provides in-depth details surrounding these developments that you can read HERE. We are sharing this information to further support our stance that the leaders of this Metropolis will continue to scandalize the Church with no intervention from Archbishop Demetrios and the Ecumenical Patriarch. We have yet to receive confirmation that anything is being addressed.

How are we to carry out our mission to “make disciples of all nations”, when our leaders demonstrate blatantly deceptive and corrupt behavior with not an ounce of accountability or repentance?

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We encourage you to go a step further and contact the Archdiocese in New York, Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul, and members of the Synod with your concerns:;;;;;;;;;;;