Fr. Dokos’ Felony Theft Reduced to Misdemeanor and Still No Apology

Yesterday, a Chicago Tribune article was published detailing the reduction of Fr. James Dokos’ felony theft conviction to a misdemeanor, after fulfilling the community service required by the court.

The article states that Dokos “fulfilled his court-imposed community service by working at St. Andrew Greek Orthodox Church in Chicago, where he was involved in preparations for Lent and other church functions.”

The article also states, “As was the case when he pleaded guilty a year ago, Dokos did not offer an apology in court Wednesday.”

Nor did the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago, in a statement released yesterday, for defending the innocence of Dokos despite being presented with evidence to the contrary, as well as for the punitive measure taken against parish members and clergy who refused to be intimidated by pressure from the Metropolis to be quiet about their concerns:

“The court has rendered its verdict, including the approval of all terms and conditions of Rev. Dokos’ probation and community service. The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago has no additional comment regarding this tragic case.”

“The spokesman did not address whether Dokos will return to formal priestly duties.”

Based on the cover-up and punishment administered to whistleblowers, we would be SHOCKED if the Greek church did not allow Fr. Dokos to return back to his formal priestly duties. This would include administering the sacrament of Confession, and being “counseled” toward repentance as a necessary step for our redemption in Christ.

With a clear message of NO apology or repentance necessary from Dokos or the leaders who pocketed his “tips”, defended his innocence (despite evidence to the contrary), and intimidated/punished those who followed moral conscience, we continue to witness false prophets who lead the Greek Orthodox Church.

Our own modern day Pharisees.

The very wolves in sheep’s clothing that Jesus warned us about, and admonished.

His Word is TRUTH.