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Failure by Greek Orthodox Leaders To Take Bad Behavior Seriously, Blows Up Again With Latest Sex Scandal

It has made the rounds throughout the Greek community, and across the World…

The New York Post’s breaking news about Fr. Passias, a high ranking Greek Orthodox Priest in New York, who has been caught on video having an affair, and exposing his “cake sitting” porn fetish. The story has been picked up by the National Herald, GQ, and caused a media circus across the world.

You can read more commentary on this sad situation at www.OrthodoxReformer.com.

Our commentary?

The scandal and the ensuing media circus could have all been averted, had the leaders of the Greek Orthodox Church taken their duties seriously to address immoral behavior by those among their ranks. But they did the bare minimum when serious issues were raised two years ago in the New York Post, about the questionable behavior of this priest with regard to both his “spiritual goddaughter” and the financial dealings at the Church where he served.

According to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America in New York, The Office of the Chancellor, headed by Bishop Andonias Paropoulos, is responsible for addressing such concerns. When the Bishop was asked why Church leaders did not address these concerns when they were reported in 2013, Bishop Andonias states “Lacking any concrete evidence of an affair, there was no responsible way the church could take any further action.”

Yet, we see that when such allegations are taken seriously, further action CAN be taken. Since Church officials chose to sweep such allegations under the rug, a concerned person hired a private investigator to obtain the “concrete evidence”.  The ensuing media circus resulted because Church leaders chose to ignore rather than investigate further.

The same familiar tune continues to play out here in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Chicago:

We have a Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos who claims his office reviewed the findings and concerns of alleged theft by Fr. James Dokos, and “found funds were not used improperly”. Milwaukee council members took the matter to the District Attorney, resulting in charges of Class G Felony Theft. Church officials ignore concerns that this Bishop preferred covering up wrongdoing, rather than address it.

Concerns and physical proof were brought to the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese by an independent legal team that Fr. Angelo Artemas’ position was threatened by Bishop Demetrios over the Milwaukee parish pursuing theft charges against Fr. Dokos. Church officials do nothing. The District Attorney finally steps in issuing a warning to the Bishop for “potential efforts to intimidate witnesses”.

We have Metropolitan Iakovos who removed the President of a concerned Parish Council dealing with the decline of their parish, while their priest is being investigated for theft.

And our Church Leaders continue to do nothing to address the immoral actions of the hierarchs in this Metropolis.

It is clear time and again, that our Church leaders will not protect us. The faithful must turn to the civil authorities, private investigators and the media for exposure and protection.

All of the above played out in the media, because Church Leaders have preferred to cover-up and not deal with the truth. We are all disappointed that the Greek Orthodox Church’s dirty laundry has to be played out in the media.  We also know that the faithful have not been able to rely on our Greek Orthodox Church Leaders to uphold the moral code set for us by our Lord Jesus Christ.

For those who are upset that the Church has been scandalized in the media, the media is just doing their job.

Can we say the same of our Church leaders?

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