It is common knowledge that there are serious problems with at least some of our Church leaders.   Media outlets including the Chicago Tribune, National Herald, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and countless sites on the Internet, have exposed and highlighted the outrageous behavior of some of our Church elders, including the Hierarchs.

The difficulty is with certain individuals only. We acknowledge the acts of many noble priests, and people of courage who have taken a stand, both within and without the church. However, so many serious news stories, links of which are found on this website HERE, have exposed and made obvious the bullying tactics, the intimidation of the laity, the lack of responsible leadership and indeed continued abuse of our traditions and attacks on our heritage.

The problems with the Chicago Metropolitan and the Bishop Chancellor extend well beyond the situation at Sts. Peter and Paul in Glenview, and the Annunciation in Milwaukee, but these problems will never be addressed and corrected in an honest and transparent manner by the current Metropolis leadership. The lack of transparent and accountable leadership, and years of neglect, have caused innumerable other problems such as:

  • Fundamentalist thought pervading our church services and relationships;
  • Numerous parishes in the Chicago Metropolis in serious financial decline.  A non-exclusive list:
    • Holy Trinity of Chicago
    • St. Demetrios of Chicago
    • St. Basil of Chicago
    • St. Demetrios of Libertyville
    • St. Nicholas of Oak Lawn
    • Sts. Constantine and Helen of Palos Hills
    • St. George of Schererville, IN
    • St. Luke the Evangelist of Columbia, MO
  • Declining Stewardship in a Majority of the parishes of the Chicago Metropolis
  • Appointment of Laity to positions, where they only “Rubber Stamp” the ill conceived and thoughtless decisions of the Hierarchs
  • Perpetrating vindictive and retaliatory actions against anyone who disagrees with the Hierarchs
  • Illogical and unseemly assignments and reassignments of Clergy, totally incompatible with the Parishes to which they are assigned.
  • Using clergy assignments to reward some and punish others.

Many of these facts have been withheld from the very members of the parishes most affected by the actions, or in-actions of the Hierarchs. The inescapable conclusion is that the leadership is more interested in the prerequisites, benefits, emoluments, worship, power, pomp and circumstance, and aggrandizing their position to the detriment, and neglect of the very people who they are supposed to guide to a higher level of morality.   With these as examples, it is no wonder that youngsters, and even people who have been lifetime supporters and benefactors of the Greek Orthodox Church are turning away in droves.