We, Greek Orthodox Christians of the Metropolis of Chicago, will no longer accept what we believe is the continual financial and spiritual abuse of both clergy and laity, by the current Hierarchs of the Metropolis of Chicago, Metropolitan Iakovos and Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos.

With this goal, a group of dedicated and committed individuals began a campaign to inform the church / laity of serious aberrations in our Greek Orthodox community, and to correct some of the financial and spiritual abuses rampant in the Chicago Metropolis, that is spreading to other jurisdictions. The success of this website to inform the public of the abuses cannot be underestimated — but, as to the correction of abuses, work remains to be done.

The purpose of this website is to “call to action” those faithful Greek Orthodox believers, who are committed to doing something about the decline of our church in this Metropolis.

Our church is hemorrhaging because of our unfeeling and irresponsible Hierarchs, whose actions and inactions are destroying the fabric of our faith. We call on those who have the courage (already shown by a few others), to do something about the situation, before the complete destruction of our long suffering church. If nothing is done now, the damage will be irreversible. We must all acknowledge, and face the truth: the leaders of the Chicago Metropolis are not fit to lead. They cannot heal the wounds they have inflicted on the faithful of this Metropolis. They must be replaced as soon as possible. The least we collectively can do, is to voice our opinion, and make known our desire to see new leaders installed to head this once great Metropolis.